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It is the exceptional freshness and quality of our smoked salmon that earned Chef Alain's smoked salmon an excellent reputation within the food industry.

At Moveable Feast, Inc. We are curing, smoking, packing and selling cold smoked salmon since 1995.  Alain Quirin's commitment as the owner of Moveable Feast, Inc. and as the smokemaster is to always provide the loyal customers with a smoked salmon that is consistent in freshness, quality, texture and taste. Moveable Feast specialize in naturally cold smoked salmon. Just salmon, salt, and natural hickory wood smoke.

All of our salmon is meticulously cared for and handled under Federal Seafood HACCP regulations from the time it is received into our facility, throughout processing, packaging, and shipping.

Our smoked salmon business continues to grow under the careful supervision and management of Alain and Denise Quirin. The processing facility located in Moonachie, New Jersey was designed, build and equipped for the purpose of smoking in small batches to ensure better control of quality and flavor. See for yourself why smoked salmon connoisseurs, chefs, restaurateurs and sushi lovers have made Chef Alain's their smoked salmon of choice.

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