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Denise and Alain

At Moveable Feast, Inc., we specialize in cold smoking salmon. To do this, we maintain the temperature in our smoking chamber between 50 and 60°F at all times. Our smoking room was carefully designed, built, and equipped to smoke in small batches, which ensures not only a superior flavor, but a superior quality as well. When you are a master of your craft, as Chef Alain is, it's easy to become the preferred smoked salmon of conoisseurs, chefs, restaurateurs, and shushi lovers around the nation. Because of his commitment to excellence and technique, we are confident you will enjoy our smoked salmon to!


We are commited to protecting the environment and well-being of the species for future generations. Since sustainability is one of our top concerns, we make sure that all of the salmon we smoke comes from .sustainably reponsible sea farms. 

A Leading Smoked Salmon Business

Exquisite restaurants and hotels are known for their delicious dishes, and guests who visit expect perfection. Since 1998, Moveable Feast Inc., has cured, smoked, packed, and sold smoked salmon to food distribution businesses that supply some of the most well-known and highly-respected hotels, restaurants and country clubs around the United States. We only distribute the best!

Associations: Societe Culinaire Philanthropique 

Academie Culinaire De France

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